Warren Worthington III was a Mutant who took refuge in the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Biography Edit

Born to an extremely rich family, Warren was embarrased when his mutant powers manifested, attempting to cut off his wings. However, every time he did so his wings would grow back. Hence, his rich industrialist father, Warren Worthington II, headed the project that came to be known as the Leech Cure. When the time came for Warren himself to take the cure, he rejected it, embracing his mutant self and fleeing to the X-Mansion. When the Battle of Alcatraz occured, Warren saved his father from death, hence, although briefly, participating as an X-Man. After the X-Mansion was acquired by Trask Industries, Warren left, but continued to be a player in peaceful mutant protests against Trask Industries and Yashida Corporation. During the Occupy Wall Street march, the Sentinels were deployed, claiming Warren as their first victim.

Powers Edit

Warren had great wings resembling those of a swan. These two feathered wings were extremely powerful and flexible, allowing Warren to fly at great speeds and create great wind pressures. Warren also had a healing factor, allowing him to regrow body parts.