Warpath was a Mutant who grew up in the oppression caused by the Sentinels.

Original Timeline Edit

Growing up in an oppressed world, in which mutants were placed in Camp X-Ray, James Proudstar was joined the X-Men under the name Warpath. During this time, Warpath witnessed the construction of the Mutant Wall. Joining Bishop, Sunspot, Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Blink, Warpath stayed in an underground supply bunker in Russia. There the Sentinels attacked his group and killed him, however, due to the timetravelling of Kitty and Bishop, his death was reversed. Eventually participating in the Battle for the Future, Warpath was once again killed. However, his death was needed, as it gave the Wolverine the needed time to win the battle and overwrite the Original Timeline.

New Timeline Edit

In the New Timeline, Warpath never experienced the suffering of the Original Timeline and lived a happier life.

Powers Edit

Warpath possessed superhuman strength and durability. This made him extremely resistant to attacks by enemies and very strong.