Senator Robert Kelly was the main proponent of the Mutant Registration Act.

Biography Edit

Growing up in the 70s, Kelly lived in a generation where the general public, due to events like the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, were afraid of mutants. Hence, when he entered politics, Kelly made it his main goal to pass the Mutant Registration Act. However, this put him in the crosshairs of the Brotherhood of Mutants who kidnapped him. He was then placed in a machine that used radiation to imbue Kelly with mutant powers. Using these powers, Kelly escaped and retreated to the X-Mansion, it was there Kelly died, exploding into water and regretting that he had hated mutants.

Legacy Edit

For some time after his death, the mutant Mystique continued to pose as him for public appearances.

Powers Edit

Upon being given his unnatural powers, Kelly possessed the ability to manipulate the kinetic molecular ability to speed up his atoms to the point that he could become semi-liquid.