Hey, I'm not your father. I'm your friend.

The Wolverine

Marie D'Acanto was an American Mutant who ran away from her home and ended up at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Unlike most mutants, she hated her powers because of the danger they caused.

Original Timeline Edit

After her powers manifested and nearly killed her boyfriend, Marie ran away from home and headed up north, ending up in Canada. There she saw the cage fighter known as the Wolverine, realizing him to also be a mutant, she stowed away in his truck and took the codename Rogue. Although he attempted to abandon her, he gave in and decided to try and take her to a safe area. However, the two were attacked by Sabretooth, but luckily rescued by the X-Men. From there she met Charles Xavier, who allowed her to learn at the school. She quickly found a boyfriend in Bobby Drake, but ironically was unable to touch him.

Being watched over by Logan the Wolverine, Rogue ran away from the school after Mystique tricked her. She was very quickly persuaded to return by Logan, although Magneto kidnapped her right after. She learned that because of the nature of her powers, she would have to die for the terrorist's plan to succeed. However, the Battle of the Statue of Liberty resulted in the X-Men saving her once again.

Staying as a student, Rogue anticipated Logan's return. However, shortly after he did come back the school was attacked by William Stryker. Escaping with Logan, Bobby and Pyro, they eventually met up with the other mutants. After the Battle of Alkali Lake, Rogue successfully piloted the X-Jet for a brief moment to rescue the X-Men.

After Bobby began to grow closer and closer to Kitty Pryde, Rogue began to grow jealous of Kitty and resentful of her own powers. Despite her apprehension, Rogue longed to take the Leech Cure and be able to have a true and committed relationship with Bobby. Looking at the Wolverine as a father-figure, Rogue only decided to take the cure after he expressed his desire for her to do what she wanted.

New Timeline Edit

In the New Timeline, much of Rogue's history is unknown. However, it is still known that she nonetheless ended up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Here she met and ended up in a relationship with Bobby Drake. In the end, she was much happier in the New Timeline than she was in the Original Timeline.

Powers Edit

Rogue's powers were linked to Kinesis, primarily Molecular Acceleration. She could charge up the kinetic energy in a person's skin cells to steal away their life energy. If she repeated the case for a mutant, she could potentially steal their powers.