Kayla Silverfox was a Canadian First Nations Mutant who was involved with William Stryker.

Biography Edit

After having her sister kidnapped by William Stryker, Kayla Silverfox was told to get close and intimate with a man known as the Wolverine, so beginning a long conspiracy. Finding the Wolverine under the alias known as Logan, she ended up in a relationship with him and then faked her death at the hands of Victor Creed. She then returned to Stryker and found that she was unable to get her sister back. This prompted her to turn on Stryker and free all of the mad man's mutant prisoners, leading to her getting shot and killed. Her last actions were telling Stryker to leave Three Mile Island. Following her death, Logan, afflicted with amnesia, was unable to remember her.

Powers Edit

Kayla possessed the ability to manipulate somebody upon touching them. However, certain beings, such as Victor Creed, were immune to this.