Cerebro was a device used by Charles Xavier to locate hurt young mutants around the world and then recruit them to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It was powerful enough that if one concentrated hard enough, it could kill a huge group of mutants. Cerebro could expand Xavier's telepathic abilities, making him more powerful than he normally was. Working Cerebro required a large amount of focus for Xavier, as hearing the thoughts of millions could overwhelm him and strain his mind.

Versions Edit

First Version Edit

The first version was built by Hank McCoy; it was later rebuilt at the X-Mansion. Through the original Cerebro, Charles could telepathically locate beings and affect them through his normal powers. It did not have the capability to wipe out a group of people, but still slightly enhanced a telepath's reach. After it was rebuilt in the X-Mansion, Charles, depending on how far he had personally enhanced his powers, could potentially kill any group of people. This version was present in the Original and New Timeline.

Second Version Edit

The second version was a modification made by Xavier and Magneto. This version, due to the use of magnetic plates in a dome, was much more powerful. It also contained the ability to block other telepaths from reaching anybody within the Cerebro room. This version was also much more powerful, giving Charles' the ability to kill any group of people if he focused too hard. This version was present only in the Original Timeline.

Dark Cerebro Edit

The dark version was built by William Stryker to destroy all mutants. This was based off a design modification of the second version of Cerebro. The magnetic plates were still a fundamental basis of Dark Cerebro. Like the second version, this version only existed in the Original Timeline.