Bobby D'Acosta
Bobby D'Acosta during the last days of the Original Timeline.
Some attributes
First Codenamed Sunspot
Second Member of the Free Mutants
Third Member of the X-Men
Other attributes
Fourth Died 2023
Bobby D'Acosta was a Mutant who lived during the rise of the Sentinels.

Original Timeline Edit

Growing up in an oppressed world, in which Sentinels hunted humans and mutants, Bobby D'Acosta joined the Free Mutants under the name Sunspot. Joining Bishop, Blink, Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Warpath, Sunspot stayed in an underground supply bunker in Russia. There the Sentinels attacked his group and killed him, however, due to the timetravelling of Kitty and Bishop, his death was reversed. He later participated in the Battle for the Future as a member of the X-Men, but was once again killed. However, his death was necessary as it allowed the Wolverine to win the battle and overwite the Original Timeline.

Powers Edit

Possessing a form of Pyrokinesis, Sunspot was able to absorb solar radiation and convert into a fiery molten coat for himself, making his skin that of organic fire. He was also able to launch blasts of fiery beams.