Bishop during the last days of the Original Timeline.
Some attributes
First Former prisoner of Camp X-Ray
Second Leader of the Free Mutants
Third Member of the X-Men
Other attributes
Fourth Died in 2023
Bishop was a mutant who was known for founding the Free Mutants. Eventually, Bishop became a part of the X-Men and helped end the reign of the Sentinels by participating in the Battle for the Future.

Original Timeline Edit

Due to his status as a mutant reasons, Bishop was captured and placed in Camp X-Ray by Trask Industries. Escaping when things were on the brink of disaster, Bishop founded the Free Mutants. Living in a damaged and almost nonexistent future where almost all human and mutant life was eradicated, Bishop met up with Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Sunspot, Warpath, Colossus and Blink. No matter how hard they tried, though, the group was attacked by Sentinels. To rewrite the deaths of his comrades, Bishop's mind was sent into a time jump by Kitty to prevent the deaths of the other mutants he was with. This happened over and over again until the Battle for the Future occured, here Bishop was tasked with protecting Kitty Pryde and the Wolverine. After the death of Storm, Bishop was attacked by three Sentinels who overloaded the amount of power he could absorb. Although he died in a painful explosion, Bishop managed to take some Sentinels down with him. Bishop's sacrifice was necessary, as it allowed for enough time for the Original Timeline to be overwritten.

Powers Edit

Bishop possessed Kinetikinesis and could absorb radiant energy at any time and was able to send it back out as a weapon. He could amplify the absorbed amount as well, to make it much more dangerous.