Azazel was a teleporting Mutant who served in the Hellfire Club and later the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Biography Edit

Joining the Hellfire Club, Azazel wanted to eradicate the Human race. When attacking the CIA, it was Azazel who killed the Man in Black. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Azazel was dispatched by Division X, but managed to recover in time to witness Magneto quit the division. He then proceeded to join Magneto in the Brotherhood of Mutants. However, during a firefight with Project WideAwake, Azazel was killed. His body was then taken and experimented on by Trask Industries.

Powers Edit

Azazel could teleport himself, his attire and certain objects or people to a certain radius around him. In addition, he had a spiked prehensile tail which he used as a knife and a method to lunge himself to places.