Angel Salvadore
was a flying Mutant who was a member of Division X. She was known for defecting to the Hellfire Club and later joining the Brotherhood of Mutants, where she was known as Tempest.

Biography Edit

In 1962, working as a stripper and occasional exotic dancer, Angel Salvadore was approached by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr to join Division X. Accepting, Angel did not take a codename but rather used her first name. When the CIA was attacked by the Hellfire Club, Angel defected to Sebastian Shaw and fought for him during the Cuban Missile Crisis. There she was shot down by Havok, who damaged her wings, rendering her unable to fly. Shortly after, Angel joined Erik's Brotherhood of Mutants, but was shot down and killed in a firefight by Project WideAwake. During her brief time in the Brotherhood, Angel did take up a codename, Tempest. In the Warren Commission report, she was referred to by the name Tempest. Her body was later experimented on by Trask Industries.

Powers Edit

Angel possessed wings that allowed her to fly at high speeds as well as hover in the air. She could fuse her wings with her skin, where they took on the appearance of tattoos. She could also create large globs of corrosive projectiles which she launched at enemies.