Angel was a cage fighting mutant who later became a member of the Four Horsemen, acting as the Horseman of Death.

Biography Edit

Captured by a German fight club, this young man, an associate of Psylocke, took pride in his wings and recorded his victories, one of which was against the Blob. After a fight with Kurt Wagner damaged his wings, he retreated to an abandoned warehouse where he got drunk while listening to rock music. Confronted by Psylocke, Ororo Munroe and En Sabah Nur, he tried to reject them at first but was given new wings and new powers by Nur, who also christened him Angel.

Becoming the third of the Four Horsemen, Angel followed Nur to Poland where they recruited the final Horseman, Magneto. Angel also accompanied Nur to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and participated in the kidnapping of Charles Xavier. During the Battle of Cairo, Angel guarded Nur during his transference against Kurt Wagner. After the fight, however, Angel was trapped and failed to stop Wagner from ending the transference.

Teaming up with Psylocke, Angel confronted the X-Men in their jet. Although he caused it to crash, Angel was trapped in the crash, badly wounded and knocked out. He was later seen by Nur and left for dead.

== Powers == 

Originally possessing two large white wings, Angel was able to fly at great speeds and perform various aerial maneuvers. However, after these were irreparably injured, Angel was given metallic wings by En Sabah Nur. In addition to all of the powers his old wings had, Angel was now also able to shoot out some of his wing talons as projectile blades.